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Are you paying too much for merchant services?

For most businesses offering credit card payment options is a must. Offering credit card payments is necessary for some business models and for others it is an added customer service feature to set your business apart from the competition.

Have you reviewed your merchant services statement lately? Is it possible you are paying a premium for offering this payment option to your customers? Some merchants charge fees for credit card machine rental, multi-year contracts and high processing fees.

I recently worked with a new client who was frustrated by their merchant account statement. There seemed to be no rhyme or reason for the fees charged. They could not even reconcile their bank!

Are you feeling these frustrations?

QuickBooks Payments offers flat rates accepting all the major credit cards:




American Express (YES EVEN AMEX!!!)

QuickBooks Payments also offers ACH payments for just $0.50 per transfer! Invoices can be emailed to customers with a secure link for payment using this method or credit card payment. What's more you can offer customers the option of paying with a credit card, ACH transfer, both or neither. Complete flexibility to meet your business needs.

What is even better is QuickBooks Payments can work as a stand alone option or integrates with your QuickBooks tool. Deposits fund within 1 - 3 business days. There is no contract and card swipers are provided free of charge.

I have completed cost analysis for all of my clients and QuickBooks Payments has proved to have significant cost savings with each competitor, including Square.

Are you paying too much for merchant services? Total QuickBooks Solutions will complete a complimentary analysis and assist with QuickBooks Payments setup offering exclusive rate savings.

Give us a call today to discover your potential savings - 239-357-5595

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